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Service Terms
(Terms and Rules)

Please read in full and understand these terms and conditions. All this information is considered as read, accepted and bound legally to the work order by the customer before scheduling service with our company.

When you fix an appointment with us, we define a time frame according to our schedule and your availability. Quick service with a window of 4 hours, sometimes even the same day (conditions apply). 

In all cases, the technician will confirm his arrival 1h in advance, no reasons to worry. Please have in mind that sometimes some jobs may require more time then expected, in many cases what the technician finds on premises is not what the customer thought that “it may be”.

Our licensed technicians are required to examine the appliance in person first prior to providing an accurate repair estimate before any repairs are agreed upon. Please understand we cannot speculate over the phone or email on possible issues we may find on-premises and we cannot estimate final costs. This is against professional Ethics and it may evolve to legal liabilities from our part. Our dispatchers are not trained to evaluate/estimate the price of repairs. They take the needed information and schedule the appointment only.


The service call fee will be charged in cases where the customer does not consider to have the repair done for whatever reason (for instance if it costs more to repair then the value of the appliance, second thoughts, etc). In case the customer is considering having the repair done, he has to pay only for the parts stipulated on written estimation.

In case the customer needs a delay in taking the decision for the repair, this delay will be mentioned on the bill and cannot be more than 15 days. In case the customer comes back after a delay longer than 15 days, he has to consider that the estimation is no longer valid and a new service call fee due to a new evaluation has to be perceived. If during the service,  in case the replacement of part shows that another part is damaged too (and that part cannot be dimmed as defective before replacing the first part), the customer may decide to have the repair continued and pay for the second part or he may cancel the repair. The technician has to recuperate the part already installed.  

The service call fee is not refundable. The customer is responsible for the service call fee if the issue is caused, or may be caused by other reasons or sources like electrical issues, plumbing, installations issues, ventilation clogged. This situation will be mentioned on the bill as “requiring service from a different professional”. If the appliance continues to show malfunction after the correction, cleaning, etc, the technician will return with no extra fees to verify the appliance in proper working conditions (customer has to call back for this matter in less than 30 days).

The repair is considered completed after the customer paid for it in full and signed the bill. This indicates that the customer fully tested and inspected visually the appliance.  Also this proves that the customer inspected visually the surroundings for any damages that were not there before the service. All the inspections and tests have to be done while the technician is on-premises, to be aware of, not after he leaves. The payment in full and the signature on the bill proves that the service agreed was completed to their satisfaction. We do not offer refunds on completed or ongoing repairs following second thoughts or failure of other parts.

Customer Responsibility

* An adult must be present at the time of service.

* The customer has to have one of the forms of payment accepted by the company readily available when the technician arrives on-premises.

* The technician must have unrestricted access to the working area. It is under customer responsibility to dismount closet doors, dryer from the top of the washer, if stacked, also empty any content from appliances including the liquids (bad-smelling or not).

 If appliances are stacked and if the customer cannot dismount with his own resources, this must be mentioned when he takes the appointment. A second technician may be dispatched (if the issue requires it) and the equivalent of a second service call fee will be billed.

In case that the appliances are installed in such a way that the technician evaluates that some damages may occur to appliances or premises by dismounting, the customer has to consider his own resources. It is on the own customer responsibility to make the appliance serviceable. 

If the customer “forgets” to mention that the appliances are stacked or built-in and the technician cannot perform the verification, the service fees will be billed with further recommendations.  

Due to the insurance requirements regarding liabilities, we cannot accept the customer as a second person to help the technician to dismount appliances stacked or built-in. 

The customer has to provide suitable parking if city restrictions apply. Our technician will cancel service if parking is not available on streets with Public Works or Restricted Parking only.


We reserve the right to refuse service, using our reasonable discretion, to anyone, particularly in cases of disrespectful customers or due to any situation that may represent a danger. Because the technician arrived on premises, the service call fee will be charged for service refused due to the customer’s fault.

Service at flat rate 129.99$* plus the parts’ price

*The taxes that may apply are not included in the price. 

We do not install parts provided by the customer, we do not encourage the customers to purchase parts from Internet, it doesn’t matter the source. Besides the fact that these parts may arrive with transport damages not visible to naked eye, these parts are intentioned for DIY private projects, their warranty is difficult to claim. 

We do not want to become liable for damages that may be caused by such parts at any time. Our warranty for parts is provided by our suppliers that have liability responsibilities toward us. 

*Flat Rate Pricing policy


Our Service Call Fee is a flat rate of $129.99$ and the amount includes the technician traveling time to and from the customer’s home, insurance fees, fuel, vehicle expenses and a forfeit for labor up to one hour. These variables are considered as a block no matter you decide to have it repaired or not.

Any needed suplimentary labor that is not mentioned in this chapter and that is necessary to reestablish the normal appliance functionality will be billed at 100$/h (for a minimum of 50$/30 min).  Customer has to aknowledge the situation prior to the job, He has the choice to agree with it or not (he may decide to do it himself, for instance, at a later date). This situation has to be mentioned on the final bill and it may influence the warranty (ex:  cleaning the refrigerator condenser, cleaning the vent oriffices on back of the stove, etc)

Our Service Call Fee is considered as accepted and beholden the moment you schedule the appointment. 

Labor for major jobs is excluded (major jobs include but are not limited to: compressors replacement, transmissions replacement, work on extremely old appliances with rusted or seized parts, work on stacked or built-in appliances or appliances installed in impossible for service locations) 

The technician will inform you and he will write this on the invoice if it occurs.

Our technicians are qualified, certified, and trained on the following appliance brands:













Magic Chef






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